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Pre-Pack Delivery Services

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At Fernwood Fuels we pack and supply a range of high quality solid fuels for distribution throughout the UK.

All our pre-packed solid fuels:

  • are bagged at our site at Watnall
  • are weighed using fully calibrated electronic weighing scales
  • undergo a screening process prior to being bagged
  • come in convenient 20kg heat sealed bags which are then covered and shrink wrapped to preserve cleanliness and to protect against UV

With competitive prices across our range and an efficient delivery service, Fernwood Fuels is the perfect choice for solid fuel supplies for every season.

Our range includes:

  • house coal
  • smokeless fuels
  • anthracite

pre-pack-smallSo regardless of your type of appliance, we can supply the product you require.

We also stock and supply a range of sundry items, including:

  • charcoal
  • logs
  • kindling
  • firelighters

... perfectly complimenting the solid fuel range of products.

As an Approved Coal Merchant we can offer expert advice on all of your solid fuel requirements.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and please be sure to visit our on-line coal shop (using the link provided).