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Following a recent press release by Nottinghamshire County Council reporting “Nottinghamshire coal yards selling underweight solid fuel bags”, Fernwood Fuels wish to state that the broad, non-specific & ambiguous nature of the article is both very misleading to the consumer & very damaging to a number of solid fuel supply businesses, who like Fernwood Fuels Ltd, heavily invest in the correct equipment & maintenance to carry out the packing of solid fuel in line with legal, government enforced requirements.

Fernwood Fuels was inspected by Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards on 15th November 2023, where a large number of randomly selected bags were check weighed & weighing equipment inspected. All bags were found to contain the correct weight, with an average overweight of 0.32kg. All our signage & packaging was found to conform with current legislation relating to being certified for use manufactured solid fuel, labelling, product certification numbers & ‘Ready to Burn’ logos.

As the press release does not identify the businesses where underweight bags of solid fuel were being bagged & sold, Fernwood Fuels would like to make it quite clear that we were found to be compliant across all the aspects of supplying pre-packed solid fuel. We would like Nottinghamshire County Council to issue a correction statement whereby Fernwood Fuels is clearly exonerated from any non-compliant findings throughout it’s inspections. We would encourage any other Approved Coal Merchants in the Nottinghamshire area who were found to be fully compliant following inspection, to voice their opinions on the published article.

Fernwood Fuels have been supplying solid fuel to both industrial & domestic users for over 40 years & are very disappointed with the nature & structure of the published article.


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You may be aware that the UK Government has decided to ban bituminous house coal in England, therefore bituminous house coal will not be on sale from 1st May 2023. 

Please be best assured that Fernwood Fuels have plentiful supplies of HETAS approved manufactured solid fuels available as very good alternatives to bituminous house coal & for those with solid fuel boilers there are still ample supplies of anthracite. These alternatives can give more heat, less ash & last longer.

For more information, please contact us on Tel: 0115 9389378





The many benefits of burning a smokeless solid fuel when compared with burning logs on the same appliance can be seen in a VIDEO HERE …




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Domestic and wholesale customers are welcome to call into our large, customer friendly facility at Watnall, Nottingham, where they can choose from a wide selection of pre-packed and bulk coal and smokeless fuels; all at competitive prices. 

 All our pre-packed solid fuels:

  • are bagged at our site at Watnall
  • are weighed using fully calibrated electronic weighing scales
  • undergo a screening process prior to being bagged
  • come in convenient 20kg heat sealed bags

On site we also stock and supply a range of sundry items, including:

  • charcoal
  • logs
  • kindling
  • firelighters

... perfectly complimenting the solid fuel range of products.

A delivery service is available on request - please contact us for further details.

As an Approved Coal Merchant, we are in a position to offer expert advice on all of your solid fuel requirements. If you are looking to place an order, or you wish to collect from Watnall, then our knowledgeable and friendly team will be only too happy to advise you of the fuel type(s) which best suit both your appliances and your needs - at the best price for you!