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Useful Links

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Our links page will guide you to other sites that will provide you with further information about solid fuel products, services and regulations. We have provided each category or site with a short introduction to tell you what information you can obtain.


An organisation which is recognised by Government as the official testing and approval body for the solid fuel industry. Also Competent Persons Scheme operator for solid fuel appliance installation companies and provider of training courses for installers.


An organisation originally set up for installers of oil fired equipment, their members now offer solid fuel and biomass installation work within the scope of their Competent Persons Scheme status. In addition they offer training courses for members.


This organisation represents many of the leading manufacturers of multi-fuel, wood burning and biomass burning domestic appliances. Their website contains links to all their member’s products:


A UKAS accredited testing laboratory for manufacturers of wood and mineral fuel appliances wishing to achieve approval status. In addition, they undertake testing of chimneys, flue systems, solid fuels and ancillary equipment.


Comprehensive lists of solid fuel heating appliance manufacturers and their products can be found on the following websites:
HETAS Ltd. Official Guide to HETAS Approved Products and Services – www.hetas.co.uk 
Stove Industry Alliance membership list – www.stoveindustryalliance.com



Fernwood Fuels Limited – www.fernwood.co.uk
Supplier of a full range of solid fuels to industry, local authorities, government establishments and wholesale distributors. The company also supplies domestic and pre-packed fuels of all types and qualities on a retail basis whether collected from the company’s depot or delivered by Fernwood’s Coal Merchant delivery service.



National Association of Chimney Engineers – www.nace.org.uk
Members of their Association include chimney lining engineers and Consultants who provide expertise in chimney technology.

National Association of Chimney Sweeps – www.nacs.org.uk
This site contains a search engine to find local NACS members.

The Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps – www.apics.org.uk
This site contains a search engine to find local APICS members.

Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps – www.guildofmasterchimneysweeps.co.uk
This site contains a search engine to find a list of GMS members.

British Flue and Chimney Manufacturers Association (BFCMA) – www.feta.co.uk/bfcma
The BFCMA website contains a list of members and some useful technical guides plus information on chimneys and flues.



Anki Chimney Systems – www.anki.co.uk
CICO Chimney Linings – www.chimney-problems.co.uk
Docherty Chimney Group – www.docherty.co.uk
Kompozitor Ltd – www.furanflex.com
Landy Vent Ltd – www.landyvent.co.uk 
Midtherm Flue Systems – www.midtherm.co.uk 
MI-Flues – www.mi-flues.com

Poujoulat Chimneys UK – www.poujoulat.co.uk
Forterra Red Bank – www.forterra.co.uk
Schiedel Chimney Systems – www.schiedel.co.uk
SFL Flues & Chimneys – www.sflchimneys.com
Specflue Ltd – www.specflue.com 
Topstak Chimneys – www.topstak.co.uk



DEFRA – Visit this site for information on environment issues and lists of approved smokeless fuels and exempted appliances for use in Smoke Control Areas.

PLANNING PORTAL – Visit this site at www.planningportal.gov.uk to view Part J of the current Building Regulations.



Energy Savings Trust (EST) – www.est.org.uk
This site has information on grants for energy efficiency and energy savings tips, news and further links.

National Energy Action (NEA) – www.nea.org.uk
National Charity set up to promote energy efficiency and combat fuel poverty. Their website contains information on the various projects that are running at the moment throughout the country.

Sutherland Tables – www.sutherlandtables.co.uk
This company produces independent comparative heating costs quarterly online in January, April, July and October.



The Solid Fuel Technology Institute – www.soliftec.com
This site provides a great deal of technical information which will primarily be of use to professional installers.